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About Mousuni Waves

Mousuni Island define the perfect fusion of sea and sun, sun and sand, sea and rivers & especially peace and beach.

It's a heavenly place for all the bird watchers.

It's the place of raw smell of mother nature & different oceanic creatures like Starfish, Jellyfish ,different Snales , Oysters & if you are lucky enough you can even find the famous and very rare olive ridley turtle.

Mousuni Island is the place of down to earth people , who are mainly fisherman.

Mousuni Waves is a leading project in the Mousuni Island regarding the facilities.


Safety and comfort have the uppermost priority for us.

Good quality washrooms!

We offer good quality washrooms for our customers. A lot of toilets are there for our esteemed guests.

24 Hours Running Water

You will find 24 hours running water here. After bathing in the sea you can easily wash your body with fresh water.

Healthy Diet

We prepare foods with fresh vegetables, fish, eggs and meat. All these items come from nearby villages. You can feel the freshness.

Pollution Free Air

No such big industry is here. So the air is very fresh. You can feel your internal energy.

Lush Green Surroundings

Tree is everywhere in this island. You can even see a lot of green patches in this island in the satelite view.

AC and Non-AC cottages

We offer both AC and Non-AC luxurious cottages for our customers. All cottages have attached toilets.